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Dr. Fayrouz Samir Abdel Baky, a highly accomplished and respected figure in the realm of art. Currently, she serves as a Professor in the Painting Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University. Furthermore, she holds the esteemed position of the Head of the Visual Arts Department at the Faculty of Design and Creative Arts in Arham Canadian University.

Dr. Fayrouz Samir Abdel Baky is a distinguished member of the Syndicate of Fine Artists, showcasing her commitment to the advancement and promotion of the arts. Additionally, she is a valued member of the Cairo Atelier, an esteemed community of writers and artists.

Her educational background is exemplary, having achieved a Bachelor's degree in Painting in 1995, followed by a Master's degree in Painting in 2002. She further pursued her academic journey and obtained a Ph.D. in Philosophy in Art with a specialization in Painting in 2008. Currently, she holds the position of Associate Professor, a testament to her expertise and contributions in the field of art.

Dr. Fayrouz Samir Abdel Baky's artistic accomplishments extend beyond academia. In 2007, she had the honor of being the Commissure of the Mediterranean Festival in Rome, Italy. Her talents were recognized by the Ministry of Culture, granting her a scholarship in 2006. She has also made notable contributions to the art world through her creation of intricate internal drawings and captivating book covers for children.

Her artwork has found its place in esteemed institutions such as Egyptian Ministries, museums, art galleries, hotels, companies, and private collections in Egypt and abroad. This speaks to the widespread recognition and appreciation of her artistic talent and unique style.

Dr. Fayrouz Samir Abdel Baky has held a total of seven solo exhibitions, providing an avenue for her artistic expression and allowing audiences to immerse themselves in her captivating creations. Additionally, she has actively participated in numerous local and international events and exhibitions, including those held in Italy, Russia, Kuwait, Switzerland, and Egypt. Through these engagements, she has further solidified her position as a renowned and respected artist on the global stage.

With her wealth of knowledge, artistic skill, and extensive contributions to the field, Dr. Fayrouz Samir Abdel Baky continues to inspire and shape the world of art. Her dedication to education, artistic expression, and participation in cultural events has left an enduring impact on the art community and beyond.