Mona Medhat

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Born in Cairo, she graduated from the Faculty of Art Education and works as a professor at the Department of Artistic Works and Folklore, majoring in printing.

The symbol for the artist is the ability to describe the imagination in the creativity of its innovative formations, and when the expression starts from the symbolic form, it is more true because it is related to the depths and conscience.

The artist always has stories and tales that were told in the past when she was young, and she always calls them to express them in a simplified symbolic way of the content of the idea of the story or the tale and how to formulate its elements and heroes in each work of art and express it.

The artist imagines her artistic symbols and translates them sensually using ink on paper. Inspired by the expressions of children in their drawings, because of their boldness, details and special symbols, the artwork embodies the thoughts, emotions and feelings of the artist, through which she conveys her thoughts and point of view to the recipient.

She has held several special exhibitions, the most important of which are Wall Talk, Personal Portraits, and Tales Time, in which she emphasized her ideas.

She also participated in many public exhibitions inside and outside Egypt and won several awards for drawing and graphics.