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A remarkable artist, whose contributions to the art world have garnered international recognition, meet Lana, an artist with a diverse portfolio and an impressive list of accomplishments.

Lana's artistic journey has taken her to various corners of the world, leaving a trail of creative brilliance. As a former member of esteemed institutions such as the Kuwaiti Society of Arts, the Association of the Two Meetings, and the International Association of Arts Paris, Lana has established herself as a respected figure within the global art community.

Notably, Lana serves as the Director of the Kuwait office of the Violet Encyclopedia of Fine Arts, showcasing her expertise and dedication to promoting artistic knowledge and exploration.

Her talent has been showcased in numerous exhibitions, both locally and internationally. With over 100 local exhibitions under her belt, Lana's art has captured the hearts and attention of the local community. She has also held personal exhibitions in prominent international venues, including the Canada Museum of Nature Gallery, Madrid Opera House's Main Hall in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and Gallery8. Lana's artwork has graced prestigious events such as the Paris International Biennale Museum, Italy, London, Konya, Bangladesh Symposium, Mycanos Symposium, Seville Madrid Fair, Brunei, Jogja, Tunisia, Algeria, Nirvan Palace, Iran, Yemen Symposium, Art or Abu Dhabi, Art Dubai, and Art Word Beirut, among others.

Lana's talent extends beyond canvas and exhibitions. She has participated in the creation of captivating murals, both locally and internationally. Her work can be seen adorning walls in various cities, leaving a lasting impression on the urban landscape.

In recognition of her exceptional talent, Lana has received numerous awards, including the Spring Prize and the prestigious Eiffel Tower Award in Paris, solidifying her place among the most accomplished artists of her generation.

With a captivating artistic style, a global presence, and a list of accolades, Lana continues to inspire audiences and contribute to the vibrant world of art. Her passion for creativity, combined with her diverse experiences and technical expertise, make her an artist to watch as she continues to leave her mark on the international art scene.