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Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts Cairo/ The United Nations development program 2005/ The Macmillan children's illustrator award 2007 /Marche d' Acqua – Fabriano Aquarello) Italy 2012/ intercontinental Exhibition "United Nations New York 2013/ ART MEETS MUSIC Italy 2013/ The 6th Luxor International Symposium 2013 /The 13th International Cavafia 2013/ exhibition " earth, fire, water" France 2014 /"Imago Mundi" Italy 2014/ Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics- Aiud Romania 2014/ workshop Bahrain's summer festival 2014 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, Armenia “ART FOR PEACE” 2015/ The 2nd Borrollos symposium for drawing walls and boats 2015/ “In The Garden” Solo Exhibition Salon du Caire 57-2016/ international exhibition "the key" caravan 2016/ Al Maken symposium Tunisia 2016/ "Love Sonnets" Solo exhibition Oct 2017/ "Madinaty" 1st international painting symposium Nov 2017/ "DOWNTOWN" workshop- Daii Gallery Dec 2017/ On Line International Workshop “Rang Malhar”- 11th Edition- India 2020/ ARTAMARSANA International Symposium 2021/ Group Exhibition “All The Way From The Ancient City” Abu Dhabi 2021 / “The Scene” Solo Exhibition 2022/ Suzan Mubarak’s 2nd prize in Child Literature 2002 /Cleopatra 4th Siwa painting Symposium 2013/ Best video painting for the short promo LA SCENE- FAHA Faten Hamama international Film Festival- Paris- may 2022/ WICA Los Angeles World Independent Cinema Festival – Sep22 Acquisitions: Faculty of Fine Arts museum Minia – Cairo.