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Gisele Habib is a visual artist born and raised in Byblos, modern Jbeil, ancient seaport on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, about 20 miles (30km) north from the modern city of Beirut, Lebanon. In 1995, Gisele got a diploma in high education in painting and drawing before getting her master’s degree in fine arts from the National Institute of Fine Arts, Lebanese University-Beirut. In 2008, the artist started teaching art, drawing, painting, history of art, and much more, in the Lebanese University until the present day. In 2014, Habib started teaching art in the Industrial Technical Institute in both graphic and interior design departments. Gisele is also a member of the Association of Lebanese Artists and member of the syndicate of the Lebanese Fine Arts. Since 1992, she has been participating in several collective exhibitions inside and outside Lebanon. In addition, the talented artist received an award from the Syrian Association of arts in 2000. Gisele is a strong independent hard working woman who raised and took care of a family of four and at the same time worked on her academic career and on her artistic talents. She is still, until this day, searching and finding more inspiration while working on developing her painting skills so maybe one day she could be able to make her dream, of becoming a well-known international artist, come true.